by Abandon Kansas

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Daniel Lease
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Daniel Lease Abandon Kansas' latest release. It's got catchy, well-written tracks that left me eager to hear their next full release. I would encourage you see them live whenever you can. Great guys and masters of their craft. Favorite track: You + Me + The Radio.
Mark Shaw, Jr
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Mark Shaw, Jr When you come around, that's when my flag comes down. Favorite track: Marching Around Me.
Mike Cansino
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Mike Cansino This short little ep from Abandon Kansas is a fantastic indie pop record. Favorite track: Marching Around Me.
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Enterflux Heard AK back in '10 when they were still small time and fell in love. "You + Me + The Radio" is a bit different than what I'm used to, but it's so great! AK just keeps getting better and better! Favorite track: You + Me + The Radio.
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We recently left our label and wanted to get 3 songs out quick to give you an idea of where we're headed with the next full length. All profit from A Midwest Summer is going towards the album we're recording later this year. Thanks for the support!


released June 1, 2013

Producer/Mix: Dustin Burnett
Master: Euphonic Masters
Photos: Kacy Meineke
Artwork: Joshua Krohn



all rights reserved


Abandon Kansas Wichita, Kansas

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Track Name: You + Me + The Radio
Counting the hours the days
Tracing a map for the getaway.
We've got the perfect escape
Seventy-five on the interstate
We don't care where we go
As long as there's an open road...

All the way back home it's you and me, and the radio
We could find The Cure, or stay right here in Depeche Mode.
Turn it up as loud as it goes, Heartbreakers rattling windows
All the way back home it you and me, and the radio.

Silhouettes from the stars
Blacktop's our Hollywood boulevard
And the stage is ours
Shadows dance in the back of the car
I don't care where we are
Hold my hand in the dark

Let's watch the east coast disappear in the mirror
Drive into the sunset, til the west coast is clear
Track Name: The Chase
Give me what I can't have and when I taste it
I don't want it no more
Don't make it easy, don't let me catch you
Don't even open the door

I can't fall in love if you're not running away
Keep me guessing love if you want me to stay
I've got you where I want you, now I'll be on my way
I'm in it for the chase

You should keep your distance, my love is contingent
Don't get any closer to me
We can make a game of it, close my eyes and count to ten
You can hide and I will seek
Don't make it easy, don't let me catch you

It's the idea of you, very idea of you, that I like better than you

I can't fall in love if you're not running away
I can't fall in love either way
I'm in it for the chase
Track Name: Marching Around Me
If I was a soldier you would give the orders
Tell me what I'm fighting for
If I was a sailor, you would be my captain
You would ship me off to war

When you come around
That's when my flag comes down
And I surrender to you

I'm a captive without a rescue
Your love's an army marching around me
I can't escape this and I don't want to
Your love's an army marching around me

If I was a country you could storm across me
Conquer and divide this land
I can hear your cannons echo through the mountains
Warning me it's my last stand

Oh say can you see what you're doing to me?
Thought I was brave now I'm down on my knees